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Falling forward: Men have hard time staying stylish in the fall

Summer is more than half over, and from a fashion standpoint, that can spell bad news for men who have enjoyed piecing together their polo shirts and cargo shorts to rave reviews when the weather is warm, but often struggle when the temperature, and their style sense, cools considerably.
Why exactly is the fall season so difficult for men when it comes to making the transition from summer?
A lot of what ails guys centers on fall being the official start of the football season, and most men take that as meaning they can flip off their flip flops and summer gear and trade that in for ratty, shoddy football sweatshirts and those old carpenter jeans that no one needs to see unless you're painting or working in your backyard.
And you can't forget those awful sneakers, either? The ones that you call your Sunday afternoon "kicks" that are missing a few laces and have a spot open for your big toe.
How about trading those shoes in for something that isn't so bad, such as a stylish boot that is equal parts hiking and heavenly? The fall season is full of options with colorful tennis shoes and those aforementioned boots. Some style experts are pointing toward a new hybrid boot of sort that works well in the fall: the mocassin boot.

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As far as those denim jeans that have seen better days, the new style for fall is finding denim that serves a duel role: work and play. Today's jeans for guys look like something you could wear to a Labor Day get together, yet still slip into for your 40 hour per week job.
As for the rest of your outfit, you want to keep the color you donned in the summer months and let that spirit and style carry over into the fall. Far too often, guys tend to bust out a colorful array of clothing in May, June, July and August, but once September hits they start turning toward the grays, black and blues.
That is perfectly fine, and in fact recommended, but you still can throw a splash of color into the mix of your ensemble but do it with your accessories (like shoes and hats) to fully complete the outfit and look you're shooting for every time you head out, whether it's to a late season baseball game or casual outing on the weekend.

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