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Better buy: Are tablets starting to lose grip on marketplace?

Ask a few of your friends, co workers or family members to count the number of computers, including tablets, that they own and chances are you'll hear a familiar number each time.
Most people don't have the luxury or the income parameters to afford a tablet, laptop and desktop, which means the market has to start picking and choosing their computers and electronics carefully. You'd think based on the "newness" factor, coupled with the portability and sleekness of tablets, that this device would be head and shoulders above the rest of the field of competitors.
Think again.
At least according to Best Buy and their CEO Hubert Joly, tablets aren't doing so well thanks to the resurgence and reincarnation of sorts of the laptop computer. Joly went as far as to use the term "crash" when he described the sales of tablets, which one can deduce isn't doing so well based on the verbiage he chose to use.

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Joly is quick to point to projections and numbers, but his original idea about the evolution of the laptop hits home when you think about just how much that device has changed in recent years. Tablets hit the scene with tremendous fanfare and fury, and stores couldn't keep them on the shelves thanks to equal parts design and simplicity.
Laptops were left lagging in the dust until recently when the makers of these lost and lonely gadgets decided to turn them from one dimensional paperweights into a hybrid of a computer and tablet in one. The trouble with tablets has always been their cumbersome typing and subsequent keyboard attachments along with, such as the case with the iPad, no USB drive or access to Microsoft products and software like World and Excel (although Apple has its own versions that are compatible).
Laptops have started making their models with detachable screens that allow them to be everything you want out of a tablet but also the versatility and practicality of actual computers.
The original reviews of tablets also seem to be creeping back into the fold, the one that call nothing more than glorified smart phones without the calling capabilities. The irony when you talk to tablet owners is you'll get two completely different reviews: they either bought one and no longer use it, or it is the life line of their personal and professional lives.
Simply put, if you love your tablet and have justified using it, then it is not going anywhere any time soon. But people and executives like Joly and others of his ilk want to see the tablet market grow but the opportunity just doesn't seem to be there at the moment.
And one has to wonder if tablets have much of a shelf life left moving forward.

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