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Action figured out: Why toy companies have it easy

When it's time to start making toys that you know you're going to sell, who are you going to call?
The "Ghostbusters," of course.
So maybe calling the four iconic "ghost busters" from the mid 1980s classic movie might be a bit of a stretch, but the recent announcement by one of the original stars of the movie, Dan Aykroyd, that the long awaited "Ghostbusters 3" is going to start filming in the spring of 2015 undoubtedly will set into motion plenty of speculation as to not only how the film will be cast and written but also what kind of subsequent merchandise will be hitting the shelves the closer it gets to the day the movie is going to open.
Especially the toys.
"Ghostbusters" is just one of the many toy related brands that single handed could spark the kind of revenue that toy companies and manufacturers would welcome with open arms. In fact, Mattel announced recently that they'll be putting out the "Real Ghostbusters" action figures soon, a coincidental announcement in lieu of Aykroyd's announcement about the third installment of the movie franchise.

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Truthfully, whether you're discussing "Ghostbusters" or any type of character or movie that decides to reinvent itself for another generation of kids and teenagers, the toy business is waiting patiently to reap the benefits of these movie resurrections of sorts.
The would be arrival of "Ghostbusters 3" is going to equate for a ton of revenue in the form of action figures, ghost busting suits and a slew of plastic proton packs that undoubtedly will be available at every retailer from Wal Mart to Target.
You have to wonder aloud if some toy companies aren't just sitting back for the next movie or superhero to find the light of day so they can start fashioning together a marketing plan and subsequent line of toys to start pushing toward the shelves.
The latest version of the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" certainly is going to take toys to another level in addition to adding clothes, back packs and other branding to just about any product. But the toys are really what most collectors and kids alike love to see come to fruition.
What toy maker and company doesn't love the fact that the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" and the creators behind the characters have decided to do another movie? That makes their jobs easier and is like printing money when it comes to the clamoring and admiration kids have for those teenage turtles and thus parents going to buy as many of those toys as possible (remember, there's four of them).
Toys and those persons who make them have the benefit of hitching their sales and revenue wagon to the type of movies that are tailor made to produce toys. Of course, their job of selling them isn't necessarily simple but you can't help but wonder with the built in audience if you wouldn't classify it as quite easy.

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