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Newly fed: How to keep the spark alive even after honeymoon period ends

The excitement surrounding that first sign of true love, first kiss and slew of dates that hopefully lead to an engagement period and subsequent wedding planning is an experience all couples should enjoy.
Everything feels new, exciting and even after you say "I do," the honeymoon period and that first year is filled with plenty of trials and tribulations but couples often complain that once the wedding fervor has died down, either new husbands and wives tend to find their comfort spot and begin to lose the spark that initially brought them together.
Much like the "freshman 15" that was dubbed to college students that gain weight once they've arrived to school, newlyweds might have a tendency to take the wedding as a reason to not necessarily give up on themselves but perhaps taking for granted that the proverbial "chase" is over, and if you put on a few pounds, so be it. If you show your new wife or husband that you're truthfully very lazy and don't like picking up after yourself, that's perfectly fine.
You're married, and they'll love you no matter what.
And, of course, that statement is true. That doesn't mean, however, that you should simply stop growing and fostering your relationship the moment you arrive back home after the honeymoon. If anything, the goal should be to treat your newlywed period as more incentive to grow old gracefully and treat every day as though it is the first time you're meeting your significant someone and soul mate.

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That means you should always incorporate a date night of sorts no matter how many years you've been married or if that means finding a babysitter for a few hours so you can have time together that you might not get Monday through Thursday after work.
You'd be surprised how much that means to keeping your relationship fun, invigorating and falling into the trap of being mundane or routine.
Any expert or married person will tell you that communication can't stop now that you're married, either. Whether that's just idle conversation over dinner or chatting before bed, newlyweds might be tempted to stop asking questions or getting to know each other or making it a point to find out even more about the person they've chosen to spend the rest of their life with not long ago.
Shutting off communication on any level leads to periods of silence and only a few nods and blank stares for the better part of the hours you spend at home after work.
In short, the honeymoon period isn't the end but just the beginning of the journey that is wedded bliss. Looking at it from that perspective might be the difference between that honeymoon period ending before it even gets started.

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