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Tired eyes: Keeping engaged at work sometimes hard to manage

Are you nodding off during meetings?
Do you find yourself yawning for most of the morning and well into the afternoon, even after your coffee has set in and lunch has come and gone?
The fact that you're tired at work is no great mystery. Let's say it's a combination of a several key factors that you're either overlooking or ignoring because you're not placing enough onus on them before, during and even after work has concluded.
First and foremost, you really have to examine whether you're getting enough sleep or if the product of your tired eyes at work is a lack thereof. Sleep often is overlooked or bartered internally (i.e. you can catch up on sleep over the weekend even if you're not getting enough throughout the week. Anything less than seven hours of sleep is detrimental to your body and disrupts your sleep cycle to the point that you literally can't function.
When it comes to sleep, you also have to look at a few other factors, such as whether you're going to sleep at the same time each night or if your restlessness is the result of perhaps eating less than three hours before bed.

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If sleep isn't so much the issue and you can rule out boredom as a reason why you're falling asleep at meetings or just can't stay focused at work, you can combat those sleep sensations with a few simple tricks during the course of a work day.
You always have the option to avoid a heavy lunch and also use the last 15 minutes of your meal break to take a walk around the office, take the steps a few times to get your heart rate up or shake the cobwebs off after your lunch.
You should also consider something as simple as a leisurely stroll sporadically throughout the day as part of a mid morning and mid afternoon ritual that will keep you enthralled and alert for the entire eight (or more) hours. Coffee and energy drinks are only going to dehydrate you and make that crash once they wear off worse, so stay clear of them and instead drink plenty of water and walk from time to time.
Finally, breakfast is the most important meal of the day and skipping it is going to account for a lot of that fatigue. You want to make sure your first meal comes before you hit the desk chair running and includes a lot of protein and fruit, preferably Vitamin B rich mango or low fat cottage cheese and even yogurt.
Any of these practices certainly will help your quest to keep from being overly tired at work, and the good part is that they're not difficult to follow and could be the difference between being cast as a poor worker when in actuality you're just struggling to stay awake.

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