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Hairy situation: Keeping hair healthy is more than just maintenance

When women opine over keeping their hair as healthy, shiny and lustrous as possible, more often than not the discussion tends to lead into shampoo, conditioner, treatments and other topical, tantalizing options from your hairdresser or any number of companies poised to promote one of their products.
That savvy marketing hits home for the majority of women who spend millions each year on shampoo that promises volume or conditioner that is guaranteed to leave your hair soft and supple every time you use it.
And that's all well and good, especially for those manufacturers who are selling these products. These items undoubtedly have redeeming qualities or else why would you buy them on a consistent basis.
But did anyone ever stop to think about how you could take care of your hair with just a few items from your supermarket or grocery store?
Yes, that's right: the grocery store.

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This isn't to suggest that you should completely abandon your hair products that you've grown to love for years but rather incorporate food that adds as much flavor to your hair as any over the counter shampoo could.
If nothing else, food that fortifies your hair also could give you quite the financial respite from hair products that might cost as much as $20 per bottle, when perhaps a simple food costs only a few bucks.
Take something as simple as an egg, which for a dozen costs maybe $2 at most. Eggs are filled with biotin, a key ingredient of keeping the hair of women looking less brittle and burnt out. Plenty of women would turn to conditioning rinses or leave in treatments to help with this problem, but perhaps whipping up an omelet on occasion could go just as far as those pricey, aforementioned options when it comes to restoring your hair.
Women naturally value having hair that also is thick, so thinning hair always remains a concern for those who struggle with it. Iron often is the root cause as to why hair is thinning, so any food that contains a robust serving of this mineral is often recommended. Red meat is one of the more iron rich foods, but if women aren't necessarily salivating over a steak, other options exist like beans or other lean meats like turkey or chicken.
Any fruits, vegetables and particularly ones that are leafy greens keep hair just as shiny as any over the counter offering.
Not that hair is the most important aspect of health for women but keeping it looking the way you want is important for not just reasons of vanity. Incorporating those foods are equal parts mind and body wellness, not just making sure your hair looks flawless.

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