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Belly up: Your tummy won't be going anywhere if these foods stay part of your diet

When the topic of weight loss comes up, the discussion typically finds its way back to the topic that is most important to those struggling to drop some pounds.
Your belly.
So how exactly do you lose that stubborn spare tire?
Lots of theories abound when you are discussing your stomach and how to drop pounds in that specific area. Some trainers and fitness enthusiasts will argue that dozens upon dozens or even hundreds of sit ups will tame that tummy faster than anything else on the market, and that includes the ill forgotten ab roller, ab lounge or anything else with the word "ab" in it.
Other argue that stomachs and losing them is directly related to what you're eating, and that the fitness component is a compliment that is needed but won't do much if you're not having the right kinds of foods on a daily basis.

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The latter mentality is the one that seems to stick the most. This isn't about downplaying exercise but rather emphasizing how certain foods or eating practices can truly make a difference in how quickly you banish that gut.
The foods you want to stay away from are just as important as the ones you should be eating. One argument that carries plenty of credibility is diet supersedes exercise when it comes to losing weight, something to the tune of 80% diet and 20% exercise.
With that, you want to keep clear of foods that are filled with sugar, mainly alcoholic beverages and sugary drinks like soda. Those who might think about switching to diet drinks will be disappointed to realize that this alternative hardly is a good one. Diet soda is not only filled with artificial sweeteners but also slow down your metabolism. While the calorie count meets your requirements, the additives should be subtracted from your diet.
Drinking water might be your best option, but water isn't always a good thing particularly when you are talking about water weight. A lot of what you carry around in your mid section is water weight, most of which can be traced back to foods high in salt and sodium content. That means stay clear of your potato chips, pretzels or just extra salt to your at home foods or what you're ordering in the restaurant.
Putting top priority on particular foods is paramount to keeping your weight under control but knowing what not to eat is just as important.

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