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Game on: Board game gets much needed upgrade

No one is going to argue that board games easily could be rechristened "bored" games given their lack of popularity over the last decade.
Between the rise of smart phones, tablets, online gaming and video games that look and play more realistic than most movies, board games aren't much more than an afterthought with demographics that would rather play "Words With Friends" or "Dots," instead of breaking out "Monopoly" or challenging a fellow friend to a rousing game of "Trivial Pursuit."
So how exactly do you infuse life into a dying entity like board games?
How about with an upgrade?
The people who developed and brought the game "Scrabble" to life many years ago finally decided it was time for a much needed makeover of sorts. OK, so the premise of the game isn't going to change; it's still about making words out of random, letter covered wooden blocks and truly testing your vocabulary without the use of a dictionary. Chances are that iconic red and white box that the game comes in with remain the same, too.

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By the way, they still make dictionaries.
But what they haven't made in a while are changes to board games, namely "Scrabble." With that, the game got a serious upgrade recently when more than 500 more words were added to the playing field. The timing couldn't have been better since technology and gadgets have board games on the ropes and ready to receive a final knockdown.
Who cares that the words being added aren't anything special (most of them are two letter words)? At least the "Scrabble" brain trust realizes that after a decade of not doing anything with the game aside from making more of them and shipping them to retailers to sit on the shelves that it was time to make at least a few modest changes to a tired game.
Maybe the infusion of new words to the game play won't be the major move or injection of life that "Scrabble" or the board game industry needs. But it's a start and effort to get "Scrabble" back on track and extend the game play more than it already has. If nothing else, the change to the game has spawned its fair share of headlines in lieu of "Scrabble" and other board games struggling to stay relevant.
"Scrabble" probably won't unseat the variety of apps and other online enjoyment that kids, young adults and parents alike love. It's also nice to know, however, that "Scrabble" isn't quite dead and buried, either.

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