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Just did it: Why Nike and other brands are masters at marketing

When it comes to advertising, few do it as well as Nike.
From their trademark "swoosh" to the marketing campaigns that changed how the world looks at shoes, sweatshirts and other merchandise, Nike is never one to disappoint when it comes to perfectly melding words, images and a message that often goes above and beyond pedaling a product.
When they told us "Bo Knows," well, everything, we believed them. Bo Jackson was a duel sport competitor and one of the best pure athletes of all time, and Nike showed that he can do anything with their "Bo Knows" ad campaign that showed Jackson and his trademark Nike shoes competing in not only football and baseball but also tennis, hockey and just about anything else he tried.
Nike captured just how popular and power Jackson was at the time and made legions of consumers believe, much like they did with Michael Jordan, that Nike products proved the difference maker for any and all athletes.
Nike did it again recently by featuring injured NBA superstar Paul George, who suffered what was thought to be a career ending leg injury. Nike once again like all good, competent brands, released a black and white photo of George accompanied by some very powerful words that, again, transcend sports but rather taps into a mindset that career ending injuries for athletes like George just aren't a reality.

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The beauty of the ad is that it isn't selling anything per say aside from the abstract of anything is possible. Nike adding its logo and name to the ad only cements it another winner from this brand that seems to always hit the proverbial nail on the head.
In an age when advertising is paramount with loads of competition and attention spans that have been shortened, if not out and out destroyed, by social media and reality television, marketing correctly the first time around isn't so much optional anymore.
The days of having an endless stream of advertising revenue or more than one opportunity at marketing gold are gone. Today, you have only a few seconds and precious few dollars to win over a consumer base that doesn't have much expendable income but will pay for an item or service they feel holds value.
Certain brands and companies are able to do that, with Nike being one of them. Others like Apple and Under Armor have a high price tag involved with what they sell but customers believe through performance and how the products are portrayed, their money, even though it is more than they'd like to put out, is well spent.
That is the difference between a commercial or company like Nike and their ads that just do what they're intended: sell.

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