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Energy stinks: Why so called energy drinks leave you feeling flat

Think about how many cups of coffee you have every day.
Maybe the answer is one, two or as many as three. The average cup of coffee has about 80 mg of caffeine so having three cups means your ingesting about 250 mg of caffeine on a daily basis.
Now, think about the last time you had just one energy drink during the course of a day. Chances are if you ingest these energy drinks, you have at least a few to push you through your sluggish ways and equally long days.
Consider that the average energy drink, just one, has about the same amount of caffeine as those three cups of coffee. Having three energy drinks means you're drinking the equivalent of almost 10 cups of coffee every day.
Pretty scary stuff, right?

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Here's something else that also is alarming when it comes to energy drinks: this billion dollar industry isn't regulated by the FDA like your favorite cola products, coffee or tea when it comes to ingredients and caffeine.
Not only are energy drinks given a free pass of sorts when it comes to the FDA but the way these drinks are marketed toward a younger crowd and the health risks involved with them makes for quite the toxic combination moving forward.
The energy drink cans look fun, hip, sporty and alluring to the average teenager but the side effects include dehydration, stomach pains and even as much as heart palpitations. The dangers associated with energy drinks is troublesome given that kids are the demographic who are reporting feeling this way. No parent wants their child to be complaining of chest pains or an irregular heartbeat just because they consumed a Monster or Red Bull energy drink.
As if the news on energy drinks couldn't get any worse, now companies are starting to create energy drinks that include alcohol. Granted, you have to be of legal drinking age to buy them but a can of alcoholic energy drink looks way too similar to that of one that doesn't include any alcohol.
What does that mean? It is far too easy for kids to get their hands on plain, old energy drinks now moms and dads have to worry about comparably designed cans finding their way into those same hands now too.
Perhaps just as bad if not worse is too much caffeine mixed with alcohol severely impairs your judgment, and the idea of that happening to adults is frightening enough much less your kids.
Energy drinks have a place in the drink market but should be entered into lightly and with a great deal of emphasis on moderation rather than mass consumption.

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