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Facial scare: Are beards bad news when it come to how you're perceived?

Without fail before a big meeting or a work day that includes something of note, most men will hear four famous words uttered by anyone from a friend, family member, partner, wife or girlfriend the night before this pending event.
"Make sure you shave."
Yes, guys that beard you've been sporting for the weekend must now be vanquished with extreme prejudice from your face so that you don't show up at work looking disheveled, dirty, disgusting or any other word that often is associated with facial hair.
But is the beard really that bad when it comes to how people look at you?
That's an interesting question and one that really plays into your profession more so than people who already know you. You'll read countless tips and articles that warn you to shave before a big interview so that your appearance doesn't scare off potential employers, as if to suggest that a beard might be the make or break aspect of whether you are awarded a new job or not.

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Beards often are frowned upon in the workplace even if you already have a job. Despite having a track record of being an honest, upstanding and talented employee, that goatee or mustache might be your ticket to staying exactly where you are in the company and potentially holding you back when it comes to advancement or promotions.
Anyone who has a beard probably has picked up on at least a little subtle hints about shaving off the beard as the best career move you've every considered.
The irony of facial hair for men, however, is that if you're a Hollywood superstar or work in construction instead of the boardroom, the beard isn't going to be the variable that keeps you pushing against that proverbial glass ceiling.
Truthfully, beards can be worn, accepted and actually look quite stunning if they're kept neat and in order, no different than making sure your haircuts are done timely. Beards should be trimmed, groomed and look as though they're sitting on your face with intentionally. If you're one of those guys whose beard goes all the way up under their eyes, you might want to shape up that facial hair and keep it looking clean.
Completely ditching the beard doesn't have to be the final verdict, either, unless of course you aren't keeping it looking fashionable and stylish.
Sadly, a lot of stereotypes that surround people who facial hair aren't necessarily true, but the shortcomings when it comes to success often are spot on. Employers in certain avenues of work will perceive you as being unprofessional if you're sporting a beard that looks out of place or unruly even if you're not.

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