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Fat chance: Fast food isn't only type of dining destined to make you heavier

Everyone knows what it's like to have that unique combination of feeling rushed and hungry at the same time.
You know the best thing to do is go home, have a piece of fruit or a healthier snack and then launch yourself into the cooking process to ensure what you're eating is at your discretion.
And now, here's how the story goes most of the time.
You hit the drive thru window, and thoughts of that homemade grilled chicken, steamed vegetables and healthy carbohydrate side dish fly out a different window and you're stuck with hamburger and fries, in addition to feelings of guilt and indigestion.
With that, you come up with a revelation: skip the fast food and instead visit a sit down restaurant with more options than just greasy burgers and deep fried mistakes.

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That mentality makes perfect sense, but recent studies have declared that the average consumer still manages to pack on the pounds even if they've decided to go with the full scale dining experience versus being handed a paper bag out of a small window.
You can't be sure exactly what overcomes the average person when they decide to skip cooking at home and opt for eating at a restaurant instead. One thought would point to the restaurant experience still being valued as something outside the norm or something special, giving the customer the chance to throw caution and common sense out the window from a health and wellness standpoint and order what they want.
The menu you're staring at this very moment certainly can't be duplicated at home, thus you have the tendency to take advantage of the variety and order whatever you want. And while you know what is in the food you're eating, you really, at that moment, don't care so much about it overall. At home, you're preparing the food and know exactly every last morsel and ingredient added.
Frying a burger at home, watching the grease spit from the frying pan and drain off the meat makes quite the impression compared to having it just show up tucked nicely between a bun and smothered in lettuce, tomato and onions.
This isn't to suggest that eating out at a restaurant is all bad, or certainly can't be beneficial when time is of the essence and you're rushing to get home. But the same sound, smart choices you make at home when you prepare a meal for yourself or family must come into play at the restaurant, too.
That means ditch fatty side dishes, creamy dressings or meals in general that look and sound so superb on that menu but realistically are just as bad as the fast food you raced by on your way to what thought was a healthier alternative.

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