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Ink dropped: Why tattoos are cool but only if they're done right

You've thought about getting a tattoo at one point or another, right?
Whether you mulled over the idea as a teenager or was in the midst of a mid life crisis and wanted something totally ridiculous, tattoos aren't temporary but the fleeting thoughts of getting one might be.
And if you're one to act on those impulses and finally give in to the idea that you need a tattoo, you should at least enter into the endeavor with the right mindset and a means to make a decision that is best, if you ultimately decide to get some "ink."
But the writing on the wall suggests that some of the tattoo enthusiasts don't exercise the best choices when it comes to a multitude of decisions when it comes to getting one.
First and foremost, you have to do some serious research when it comes to the tattoo artists and finding one that you trust and, most importantly, is safe. Often the best means of finding the right guy or gal to give you the best tattoo is seeking out a friend who already has one, or more than one, and find a referral that puts you at ease.

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For those people who have any sort of medical condition or are especially prone to infections should consult with a doctor before you do anything that could risk further complications.
Perhaps the most important piece of advice for the would be tattoo is to truly think the decision through and have a design in mind that has some meaning behind it. Plenty of 35 year old guys are toting around barbed wire tattoos and probably wish they could go back to their 17 year old selves and warn them that this tattoo was cool then but looks silly hanging off their now flabby, less muscular arm.
And guys, it certainly doesn't go well with the baby bag over your shoulder, either.
Tattoos truly can be something marvelous and wonderful when they connect with you emotionally and serve as anything from a badge of honor to preserving a memory through artwork. Anything short of those sentiments is falling woefully short and into the bad judgment category.

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