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Cat and mouse: Do you really know how to decide on cat food?

Ask a friend, co worker or family member who has at least one cat about what food is best for their feline friend, and you'll undoubtedly get a handful of different answers.
Is wet food the way to go?
What about dry? Does it make cats fat?
And how about a kitten? Do they need "kitten" food or is that scam?
These are all pertinent, applicable questions when you're thinking about a type of cat food to buy. Pet owners and cat lovers alike certainly don't want to have a pet that is sick, not feeling well or is negatively affected by something that should be as simple as food.

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Most animal doctors will advise you that dry food isn't the best option for cats as most of what you buy is low end ingredients that actually will pack on the pounds for your cat quite quickly. Wet food often is the flavor of choices for veterinarians alike who argue that this is a leaner, better option for cats.
Kittens should be fed carefully as well; the best bet is to mix wet and dry food for them that specifically is formulated for kittens. Because their digestion is so sensitive, you can mix plain, boiled white rice into that as well to ensure they'll be able to handle it.
You also want to make sure you don't switch foods on your cat too often. Much like humans have a favorite dish or certain food that enjoy specifically, cats establish a preference and like to stick with it. After about a year, you should think about switching your cat from kitten to regular food but sticking with the same brand is advisable.
As a cat owner, you want your pet to be healthy and well, and food is exactly the place you should be starting. Think of the same principle you use when you buy clothes, food or any other retail or practical product. You equate price to quality, and cat food is no different. You want to make sure the ingredients aren't filled with additives or bi products but rather real, tangible proteins and food that you can actually identify as being legitimate. Make sure words like beef, chicken, liver or salmon are at the top of those list of ingredients.
If you can't make that connection, walk away from a brand, can or bag of cat food and find something that you feel more comfortable serving to your pet.

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