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Customer disservice: Can Comcast survive such poor reviews?

Comcast is the largest cable company in the world. But even that notoriety can't save the organization from porous customer service.
In recent months, Comcast has been under siege to a degree with reports of customer service that border on insanity when you dissect them and take a closer look at what's actually happened.
The most recent case against Comcast when it comes to customer service centers on the infamous amount of time you've been on hold. In this case, the customer was on hold for three hours, and this person went as far as to create a video to actually hold up their phone and show the world the timer that shows just how long he was forced to wait for some help.
Did he actually get help and finally talk to someone to resolve his problem?
Of course not. This Comcast customer unfortunately waited for all those hours only to receive notification that the help center had closed. Not only did he waste his time but the actual nature of his call never was resolved.

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This proverbial black eye for Comcast is unique in that it creates quite the debate about customer service as it relates to billion dollar companies, more specifically whether or not they actually pay attention to every grumbling comment or upset person who partakes in their services.
Chances are, Comcast takes note of these instances and will release the obligatory press releases or comments stating how appalled they are about what happened and that this isn't typical of what they expect from employees.
You have to wonder whether that is sincerity or savvy public relations at work.
It's probably a happy medium between those two mentalities as Comcast certainly isn't enjoying the national exposure it is receiving from customers that record videos or relay information about customer service employees giving them a hard time about canceling their cable. As impervious as Comcast is based on their size and financial worth, customer service can topple even the strongest entities in any arena, even cable.
The one argument that holds water in favor of Comcast is their overwhelming hold on the cable and television marketplace. They're still the top provider in the world, even with competition from Verizon Fios and satellite challengers like Direct TV and Dish Network.
So a few customers get upset and take their complaints public; what's the big deal?
Truthfully, it isn't gong to hurt Comcast that much but enough of these over the course of time is going to give the company a black eye that undoubtedly and ultimately doesn't want.

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