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Hearing aided: Do headphones really matter?

Everyone has that friend, the one who can't help but talk about how much they spend on everything they buy.
From cars to houses and all incidental items in between, they simply must tout the price tag that is associated with just about every purchase. You can argue that some of those financial figures are splendid and worth talking about, particularly a half million dollar home or stunning, luxury vehicle.
But some of those buys are just plain dumb.
Take for instance that buddy or co worker that openly talks about how they've spent $300 on a set of headphones. With that, your head spins and you can't fathom spending that kind of cash on something as inconsequential as headphones. A sum like $300 is typically paired up with the likes of a monthly bill, like a car payment, and not headphones.
For some, however, the sound of music is sweet enough to the ears that they can justify spending that kind of money on headphones. In the end, however, do headphones that cost $20 versus the $200 fare really sound that much different?

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In a word, "yes," but whether that means you want to spend that much on the latter is a decision that depends on just how much stock you put into music and how it sounds. The safe bet in this discussion might be to find a happy medium on pricing and try to find headphones that have the kind of sound you want, but minus having to take out a loan just to buy more than one pair.
Plenty of reputable companies have put out headphones that don't cost the proverbial arm and leg but still get the job done in terms of sound quality. Sol Republic is one company that comes to mind immediately by putting out a tremendously potent, durable and quality array of headphones that won't break the bank.
Anyone who has purchased cheap headphones will argue that spending $5 on headphones is truly getting what you're paying for in the regard that the sound quality is poor. The $300 headphones have impeccable sound and make it sound like you're on stage with the band or artist of your choice. Unless you're in the music business or have that type of extra income, you can easy pass on the purchase.
That sounds like advice that is definitely worth listening to, especially when it comes to saving money and still have the quality headphones you want.

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