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Daily find: Why certain foods belong on your every day eating list

Everyone is familiar with the saying "an apple a day keeps the doctor away."
Despite the simplicity of the phrase, the underlying sentiment should stick with you the same way that apple skin gets caught in your teeth.
Simply put, certain foods belong on your daily regimen and menu.
For starters, the apple belongs on that to do list but what about foods like popcorn, whole grains and fibrous foods like spinach, kale and beans?
As for the aforementioned fiber foods, they're absolutely paramount to digestive health and preventable cancers like colon and stomach. Fiber foods often are overlooked due to a lack of taste in favor of friend goodness and other sugary sweets that feed cancer cells and cause them to grow.

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Incorporating foods like beans can be done alongside other lean meats, perhaps if you want to make a healthier turkey chilli or swapping out that plain, old pasta for whole grain. The key to making whole grain pasta taste better is cooking it a little longer since whole wheat pasta is a little tougher and harder than its non whole grain counterpart.
One ingredient that needs to be part of your daily repertoire is honey, a natural sweetener. Far too many of us can't help but ingest sweeteners but of the artificial kind. Everything from Equal to Splenda is found in diet drinks or low calories options as far as beverages are concerned. Stevia is one that comes complete and packaged as an all natural alternative, so that's always an option for those with a sweet tooth and want to kick the artificial sweetener.
Honey might be the great equalizer as far as food you have to have in place of anything that comes out of a package or packet. Honey is filled with antioxidants that rival any fruit of the same ilk, including blueberries, strawberries and raspberries. That's not to suggest that those fruits don't belong on your list right next to honey, dark, leafy greens and beans, but you can't overlook the natural sweetness of honey for things like coffee, tea and even an add to cereal in place of pure sugar.
Of course you can always have a scoop of ice cream or cake from time to time, but those are foods and desserts should be viewed for what they are: treats, as in things you can indulge in from time to time but shouldn't exactly be part of your palate's itinerary every single day.

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