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Unsaturated flat: Why healthy fast food never sticks around long

Try as they may, fast food restaurants can't seem to shake the stigma that they're nothing more that the root cause of obesity and reason why so many Americans are overweight.
Then again, do they really want to anyway?
The reason that question isn't totally inane and silly is the long lineage of fast food companies that have attempted to reshape their menus to reflect healthier choices only to have these million dollar ad campaigns and marketing efforts fall flat.
From the highly unsuccessful "McLean Deluxe" from McDonald's to the most recent healthy attempt by rival Burger King, the "Satisfries," no one is buying the idea that those aforementioned fast food restaurants or others of that ilk are dabbling in healthier alternatives with any sense of passion or effort.
Instead, menu items like the ones listed only seem like pet projects or the attempt to address the poor eating habits of the masses.

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And it's hard to blame the fast food companies for trying so hard to find products that fit the healthier mold. Most chatter when it comes to dieting, exercise and nutrition centers on eating salads, light dressing, fruits, vegetables and plenty of protein.
Nowhere in that rhetoric is McDonald's, Wendy's, Burger King or Sonic mentioned as being a realistic alternative. So with that, those restaurants set out to find a niche in the booming health food market. But the problem behind that thinking is that it is wishful at best.
If you're on a diet or hoping to turn around your nutritional habits, do you really believe that Burger King is going to be on your eating regimen or repertoire?
Probably not. Sure, you can argue that McDonald's might have a salad you like, but be leery of those leafy greens as they're usually surrounded by salad dressing that has more fat content than the hamburgers being made close by.
Most fast food places are finally giving in to their stereotype and simply going completely against the health and fitness grain, and just touting everything from milkshakes to fried cheesecake bites. Take Sonic, for instance. Their marketing centers on all the delicious foods they offer on the menu, and those television commercials don't talk about calories, fat or carbohydrates.
They want you to know their food is simply savory and delicious, regardless of the calories you'll be packing on from eating it.
And based on the number of healthy fast food menu items that flop, you can say that the general public wouldn't have it any other way.

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