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Full stream ahead: SodaStream gains major momentum in beverage marketplace

Take a guess regarding how much soda the average person drinks per year.
Regardless of what research you read, the answer isn't pretty. In fact, it's downright ugly.
The average person consumes 44 gallons of soda per year or roughly two cans per day. Forget for a minute that two cans of soda is about 300 calories and focus on the amount of sugar that equates to on a daily basis.
Try 80 grams of sugar in two small cans of soda.
That number is staggering, scary and easily can explain the issue of obesity and being overweight, which are problems that are plaguing the country.

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Those who seek shelter and take solace on the opposite end of the beverage spectrum and simply turn to low calories or no calorie drinks aren't much better off, either. Yes, the calories and sugar are eliminated but now you're adding artificial sweetener into the mix, which not only is harmful for a variety of reasons but also causes you to feel hungrier and thus eat more.
And with that, the drink marketplace is crowded, confusing and filled with plenty of contenders but few real challengers.
That is, until you feast your eyes on SodaStream.
Scott Guthrie is the General Manager of SodaStream International, and points to the uniqueness of SodaStream and its long lineage of quality as a few reasons why the product is a welcomed change of pace when it comes to beverages.
SodaStream started in 1903 as a solution but quickly grew by 1955 to a machine that uses a CO2 cartridges to create a fizzy drink that allows customers to add one of many flavors to create their own carbonated drink that won't leave them feeling guilty about too many calories or an abundance of sugar.
Simply put, the consumer is truly the one concocting the beverage they want.
"SodaStream is the smarter way to enjoy a refreshing, better for you and handcrafted beverage," Guthrie said. "We continually innovate by introducing new soda makers into the mix as well as co branded partnerships to create more offerings."
In addition to variety, SodaStream taps into a frustrated customer base that loves to drink soda but realizes that drinking too much of that, and other sugary drinks, isn't exactly what the doctor ordered. Of course, they'll drink plenty of water but honestly that even grows tiresome at some point as most need an injection of flavor in some form or fashion that goes beyond plain H20.
"Consumers look for new ways to better their healthy by cutting out unnecessary additives like sugar and high fructose corn syrup, and SodaStream provides alternatives for sodas and drinks that fall under the 'unhealthy' category by offering 2/3 less sugar than other big name brands," Guthrie states.
What truly sets SodaStream apart from a highly competitive drink market is the abundance of customers that rave about the product and all that comes with it. It would be easy to simply say SodaStream is another counter top appliance that makes bubbly drinks, but the ability to add variety to that menu is invaluable to not only current SodaStream customers but potential ones as well.
"Consumers are huge fans of customization, which is something we like to think we are an industry leader in," Guthrie said. SodaStream consumers find that our machines are easy to use, stylish and convenient. They enjoy that they can control the amount of carbonation in their drinks, as well as flavoring and can truly create a customized beverage that is better for you and to their personal tastes in seconds."
Like any product, however, SodaStream still has its share of critics undoubtedly, most of who probably haven't tried it yet for one reason or another. Skeptics are part of business, and SodaStream performs admirably to win over any potential customer that might be hesitant to give it a shot.
"I think a huge factor behind those who doubt SodaStream is merely the fact that they haven't tried it themselves," Guthrie said. "There is no need for skepticism; we turn regular tap water into sparkling beverages with the help of Co2. SodaStream aims to give consumers the option to create their own beverages in their home, choose fizz and flavoring levels and convenience of freeing up space in the fridge or pantry."
Those practical reasons alone make SodaStream a viable and enviable option when it comes to beverage choices and being able to add some much needed variety to the mix. Couple that with the overwhelming health aspects and ramifications of SodaStream and what it means to a legion of lethargic consumers who deperately need to change what they're drinking.
"We don't just allow consumers to make their own custom beverages, we give them the option to make better choices in a category that is typically negatively stigmatized," Guthrie said. "SodaStream offers an innovative technology and design that fits into the home and allows consumers to make smarter choices."

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