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Parting shots: The real reason you left behind social media

Just about everyone you know has some sort of relationship with social media. Whether that union is good or bad is another topic of discussion altogether.
Social media, in theory, seems like something everyone could benefit from in a form or fashion, but the irony about Facebook and Twitter is that it is incredibly easy to walk away from at a moment's notice.
In fact, some of you may have already deleted your accounts. And if they haven't been deleted, perhaps they've fallen under the tab of deactivated or just forgotten about altogether.
Why exactly do you dislike social media enough to walk away?
Simply put, social media transformed from the practical into the ridiculous. What perhaps was conceived to be a means for family to keep in touch or long distance friends to make sure they know what's going on with one another to mindless comments, unsolicited observations and 15 minutes of fame and plenty of soap box chatter that no one really cares about beyond a circle of 15 friends.

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But that doesn't stop the legions of social media participants from sharing what they had for breakfast, telling us every time they go to the mall or when they're feeling bored at the office and desperately in need of a "Starbucks run."
This type of discussion makes saying so long to social media that much easier. That's not to suggest that you mind hearing from your friends about inconsequential, silly day to day activities as part of your life. There's nothing wrong sharing that information to those in your inner circle but perhaps the other 300 friends on your page aren't so much interested in potty training or what you just put in your morning breakfast smoothie.
If you're chatting it up with your mom that lives a few hundred miles away or want to stay close to an old co worker, then social media is ideal for it. Sending family pictures or sharing the ins and outs of a particular event make perfect sense when it comes to social media and would be more than just a few reasons why you'd want to make good use out of your page.
If your goal is to tout your opinion or talk about the inane, then that's your right to do so on social media. But if you overhear someone talking about how they're sick of Facebook or are contemplating thinking about leaving social media behind for good, there's a good chance you and your posts had something to do with it.

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