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Passer by: Protecting your passwords paramount to prevent hacking

Anyone with an email address, online capabilities for paying bills or anything else that requires a user name and password knows that uneasy feeling that washes over you when you enter those supposed special characters only to see that they are rejected.
You're absolutely sure you entered your password correctly, so thoughts immediately start running through your head that someone hacked into your account, be it something as simple as an email or important as your bank account.
Regardless of what type of account has been compromised, it's equal parts annoying and frightening when your password no longer is just yours. You start to wonder if your money is safe or your personal emails and information is being used against you by someone that has hacking ability that you truthfully can't stop.
Unless of course, you practice password protection and tactics to keep yourself relatively safe.
The first aspect of passwords that often is overlooked is the penchant for most to use the same password for every account they have. Think of it realistically: if one hacker figures out a password for your email, what makes you think they won't try that same combination for everything and anything else they can get their hands on at the moment.

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You also might want to consider changing your password from time to time or incorporating a service that remind you to do that or does it for you automatically.
Perhaps the most important password related advice you can take to heart is assuming that your password is eventually going to get compromised. What sounds like acceptance or a defeated attitude actually is you staying one step ahead of hackers.
Keeping your guard up means auditing your email from time to time and not being afraid to hit the delete button from time to time. You shouldn't keep important, account related emails for more than a few days or at least until that next online statement shows up in your inbox.
There's never a guarantee that any of these ideas are full proof when it comes to protecting valuable information that comes in the form of emails or other pertinent accounts. But at the very least you're being proactive with your approach and stave off any attempts at making your life miserable when you try to clean up a mess you could have easily prevented.

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