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Home improvement: Some repairs are ones you definitely can handle

Let's say for a moment that you don't consider yourself a home improvement guru. And after you think about that you realize something else: you really can't do much at all around the house, much less label yourself as a "guru."
Maybe you've changed a few light bulbs in your day or can handle using a some basic tools like a screw driver or a hammer but beyond the basic you simply have to hire outside help for the big stuff.
At some point you have to reason with yourself that you're not going to be hitting the home improvement store to repair your roof or replace your siding, but some repairs can't wait, and certainly fall within your expertise level.
Furthermore, you'll save yourself a few dollars in the process and boost that waning self esteem you might have when it comes to fixing things around your home on your own.
If changing your light bulbs is more your speed, why stop there? Think about everything else around the house that runs on batteries that need checked, namely smoke or carbon monoxide detectors. Performing a battery check is equal parts safety and practicality and means just as much as redoing your bathroom or kitchen.

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And as far as the bathroom goes, you can easily find that aisle where the caulking is and fix up that bathroom for nothing more than a touch up. This is another example of preventable work that will save you plenty over time. Those who leave that mold to build up are just asking for thousands of dollars worth of work in the form of gutting and replacing everything in one fell swoop.
Perhaps one repair that falls into your expertise level isn't really a repair at all but rather another form of upkeep. Painting porches, tightening handrails or driving a few nails into loose steps are chores or tasks that most anyone can do, rather than paying someone way too much money in the form of labor. Painting especially exudes a comfort level when it comes to home improvement projects as most stores of that ilk have plenty of helpful hands within those stores and the products to match. Maybe you're not feeling competent enough to paint inside your living room for all to see, but trying your luck at outdoor concrete or decks might be a little more feasible.
Having the talent and wherewithal to fix just about anything in your house is feeling of comfort and security, particularly when something goes bad at a moment's notice. For most, that means finding a good carpenter, plumber or contractor. But that doesn't mean the little things can't find their way on your agenda with little or no worries from you that they'll be done incorrectly.

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