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Who's the boss: Stop treating your boss like a buddy

Most employees love having the type of relationship with a boss or manager that is overly friendly and doesn't feel like work at all.
But don't get too comfortable, even if you believe you can pretty much say anything to your boss or perhaps have no fear of reprimand from them, because chances are they might not see you in quite the same vein as you seem them.
Simply put, you'll still be tasked with seeing your boss as just that: your superior at work. And that means being mindful of your words, how you handle certain job requirements and essentially how you conduct yourself with them overall on a day to day basis.
One misstep plenty of workers make when it comes to communication with their boss is being quick to pass judgment on another co worker or outright tattling on them. If your co worker or someone isn't towing the line, then that is the job of your manager to oversee the good and bad of the entire workforce. You might be inclined rush to your boss or feel like, because you have a good relationship with them, and start naming names as far as who isn't pulling their weight. That move might seem smart at the time, but it's only going to cause more problems with the rest of the workers. If your co workers lack of focus and worth ethic is endangering other employees, then follow a straight line to human resources and report it accordingly.
Running to your boss isn't the right move in this instance.

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Equally wrong when it comes to your boss is not being a team player because you assume you don't have to be. If you and your boss are chums, that doesn't mean you can ignore their request to work outside your comfort zone.
So whipping out a copy of your job description or refusing to help another department in need won't do you any favors and could lead to the type of falling out between you and your boss that is irreversible.
And as far as questioning authority, your boss and their decision making, you certainly have the right to bring up fair, valid points about a particular assignment or day to day duties. What you don't want to do is act confrontational, disrespectful or talk to your boss in a way that doesn't follow the rules of employer and employee.
Having a questioning attitude simply means asking good questions or finding direction where you need it. If you have a respectable, friendly relationship with your boss and you frame what you say correctly, they'll appreciate that you care enough to speak up and express concern or constructive criticism.
Keeping things professional at work, even if you and your boss are pals, is the best route to take for all parties involved.

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