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Chair chance: Why your office chair needs to go

Chair today, gone tomorrow.
That's more than just a clever play on words or a crafty, campy name for an office furniture store but rather a mantra the business sector has perpetually bought into after spending the better part of their career slumped over and poorly positioned in a traditional office chair.
You know that position, right?
Back hunched over and in an "S" curve shape, along with wrists flexed too strongly and your neck writhing in pain from bending over to stare at the computer screen. Later that evening, you might be walking away from the dinner table and rubbing your back and neck, wondering why you're feeling so sore, almost as if you just finished a heavy duty workout.
While that feeling that is washing over your body has nothing to do with lifting weights or running, it has everything to do with the chair you're sitting on at work all day, every day.

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Simply put, your chair at the office, or even at the home office, needs to go immediately.
You might be asking yourself one very important question at this point: what am I supposed to sit on now?
Plenty of forward thinking office folks and managers alike have decided to change chairs in favor of stability balls, ergonomic chairs or standing. Yes, standing while working might be making its way to an office or business near you.
Some have even argued that sitting directly affects your lack of activity levels even after you call it quits for the day. Sitting on your backside all day tends to lead to health problems or a sedentary lifestyle that isn't going to help your goal of dropping pounds. Naturally, some long standing office personnel refuse to allow their work life to dictate what they do at home as far as physical activity is concerned, but the general thinking is the majority of people take their work home with them, and not in a good way.
Realistically, standing all day at work isn't going to happen any time soon. But that doesn't mean you can't balance between both during the course of a work day. Some offices are incorporating tall tables to help accommodate those who would like to at least have the option of standing when working.
Those types of progressive offices probably are going to have those same statuesque tables along with some traditional desks to encourage their employees to get out of chair and change things up a bit at the office.

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