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Home work: Why the new 'American Dream' might be working from home

We've all heard the old adage when it comes to your career, job searching or attempting to find anything better than what you have now.
"If you're not looking, you're not trying."
But did you ever think that maybe the perfect job is right under your nose?
Very few working individuals would be inclined to pass up on the idea of working from home. If nothing else, they'll at least entertain the idea no matter how much they love their job or their level of success.

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Why, you ask?
Let's say for example both mom and dad work diligently five (or sometimes six) days per week, and the kids are either being watched by relatives or at a pricey day care facility for the day. In some instances, the monthly cost of day care can rival that of the second paycheck that is being brought home.
What mom or dad wouldn't gladly trade in that 9-5 desk job in favor of finding something that allows them to earn a living and ultimately be able to balance life between work and home? That's an easy sell and one that makes working from home not only appealing but ideal in most cases.
The trick to working from home, however, is finding the right opportunity and not falling victim to the countless scams you'll see online about how to make thousands from home with no skills. As much as you'd love that to be true, it's not.
When you're thinking about the prospect of having that home office truly live up to its billing, you might want to consider finding legitimate jobs on Monster.com or other reputable job sites that actually state in the description that the job has that kind of flexibility. In reality, some jobs still exist that will allow you to either work from home exclusively or at least split time between the office and home.
If you're the creative type or have a background in writing, editing, artistry or drawing, you can easily turn that talent into at home work with either working for yourself or freelancing as part of your career path.
Some editors and writers for even magazines, newspapers and other media outlets live hundreds of miles away from their home offices and are able to complete any and all assignments without ever leaving the comfort of their couch at home.
If you're lucky enough to latch on with a company that has allowed you to advance in your career and have the ability to work from home, then kudos to your hard work and perseverance. Those of you who have a penchant for putting your work in at home, you'll have to carefully navigate through jobs to find one that fits.
The time searching might be worth it once you have the desired income to go with a desk chair that looks oddly like the one you have in your own house.

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