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Directly speaking: Why don't more people switch to this satellite standout?

When it comes to television, internet, phone or bundling all those services into one, Comcast quite frankly rules the world. They're the largest communications company in the world, and not even the likes of Verizon FIOS, Dish Network or other smaller entities collectively can topple this mogul in their marketplace.
But what about Direct TV, are they equipped to stand toe to toe with Comcast?
Of course, Direct TV isn't in the phone or internet business, so Comcast as a whole likely trumps just about everyone in that vein.
This is more of a battle that centers on entertainment, value and options, and Direct TV is more of a contender than you might think.
The great equalizer and the one aspect that puts Direct TV over the top is its official rights to the NFL Sunday Direct Ticket, which gives fans access to every NFL game on Sundays. Direct TV is quick to point out as well that most of their promotions include NFL Sunday Direct TV as part of their television packages.

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Given the popularity of professional football, that alone might be the variable that allows Direct TV to pull a little ahead of Comcast and other cable providers. Direct TV also does wonders for itself by offering pricing that is much lower than their cable counterparts with packages that cost as little as $30 per month, a far cry from the $60 starting point cable is promoting.
What is holding Direct TV back essentially is its penchant for not pulling even with other companies of that same ilk as far as contracts, more specifically not having ones. Direct TV, complete with its low pricing and reasonable fees, tends to push some customers away with the idea that they have to sign a two year agreement.
The contract is hardly what it was 10 or even five years ago; once, signing a contract for cable or phones was commonplace. Today, cell phone providers and cable companies have done away with commitments to the point that they're using the anti commitment marquee as part of their marketing campaigns. But Direct TV has stayed true to its business model, for good or bad, and believe low price points trump signing a long term deal.
That mentality, however, might be the only caveat keeping Comcast ahead of Direct TV in a race to garner more customers and keep the ones they have.

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