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Hard knocks: Is the HBO NFL special hurting or helping football?

From the Kansas City Chiefs to the Dallas Cowboys and this year with the Atlanta Falcons, the HBO series "Hard Knocks" is, ironically for some in the NFL circles, hitting a little too close to home when it comes to the behind the scenes take on what professional football really entails.
Most of what HBO shows wouldn't be classified as risque or inappropriate but the NFL often is a private entity that isn't necessarily interested in showing everyone what's behind the curtain. Think of the NFL as a magic act that is content on keeping its secrets and letting the audience simply see the finished product.
Simply put, "Hard Knocks" shows the viewing audience just how that woman got sawed in half, but meanwhile the magician is irate that his trick was revealed for all too see. Whether you want to equate the NFL to magic or the mob, the truth is professional football, to the masses, is about what the product looks like on Sundays, Mondays and even the occasional Thursday or Saturday.
What "Hard Knocks" does is provide a human element to a game that is beastly, brash and extremely violence. The HBO documentary crew tells the interest stories, follows around coaches and makes sure the world sees what happens to rookies fresh from college at their first training camp.
How HBO comes up with which team they'd like to document is solely on their shoulders, but truthfully some NFL owners, coaches and players might not be overly thrilled with being front and center for everyone to see. These special athletes and football experts like their privacy. What we see as entertainment and excitement in the form of sports is a job to these talented men.

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Think how you would feel if someone followed you around with a camera at your office for a few weeks; might get really old, really fast, right? You could argue the coaches aren't overly thrilled either with camera crews dishing the dirt on various meetings about players strengths and weaknesses, because you know a team would never try to get an sort of advantage against a potential opponent.
As fans, we love "Hard Knocks," particularly if the team being featured is one of our favorites. We live and die with how these players play on Sunday and relish the idea of having that vantage point inside the locker room.
Unfortunately, the other components involved in the show, players, teammates, coaches and staff, can't really say the same thing.

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