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Razor aid: Why cheap isn't always best option for new blades

Some men can't live without their three or four blade razors. Despite the increased cost that nearly reaches the $25 mark for a few replacement blades or even $15 for the razor and blade itself, guys realize that a close shave devoid of scrapes, cuts and nicks is well worth the money.
Then again, is an expensive razor blade really much different than a huge pack of cheaper ones for half the price?
The idea of spending a few hundred dollars per year on razor blades seems nothing short of ludicrous when you consider a few different variables. A pack of 10 disposable razors can cost as little as $12, and that most likely will last for more than just a few months, provided you're only shaving your face and haven't opted to do the entire body from head to toe.
Today's disposable blade surprisingly is crafted much better than you might imagine, some of which have the four blade technology that you can get from a Gillette Mach 4 or any of the other razors of that ilk.
The upscale, disposable razor blades work almost as well as the more expensive alternative, so the idea that you need to spend an entire paycheck per year on razors isn't quite the truth you've been led to believe.

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Where disposable razors carve out a more negative niche is mostly for those bagged blades that cost you only a few pennies per product. A bag of 20 razor blades for $5 or $10 should be an immediate sign to cut ties with that brand or item and think about investing a little more in what you use to shave your face. Those remarkable cheap razors are going to leave your face looking rather ragged and might lead you to start rethinking that beard you've wanted to grow.
Truthfully, those 50 cent per piece razors not only give you an awful shave but also are a "one and done" design. The reason they're so inexpensive is because you can barely get through a single shave without having to toss it in the garbage can.
Some of the more savvy razor blade shoppers realize that more expensive disposables ultimately work out to being the better value, with the Mach 4 type blades not far behind. That's usually the general consensus with buying the cheaper version of just about anything: the initial cost is less but the lack of quality ends up rendering those savings inconsequential.

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