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Flix of the wrist: Netflix makes its move as realistic competition look easy

For most people, two million dollars sounds like a lot of money. For Netflix, it is just business as usual.
The streaming sensation that is Netflix pulled off perhaps its biggest coup since its inception when it acquired rights to the NBC drama "Blacklist" for two million dollars per episode.
"Blacklist" begins its second season on NBC this fall, but Netflix is going to run season one fairly soon. "Blacklist" became a breakout hit for NBC last year as the show pulled in millions of viewers and made James Spader a household name again.
The willingness of Netflix to open its checkbook again and secure the rights to a marquee television series shows the streaming channel no longer should be considered a novelty but rather a major player in the entertainment field, right there with Comcast, Direct TV and others of that ilk.
"Blacklist" didn't come cheap, and Netflix could have easily looked at its $10 price point and decided against beefing up what it offers and stick with its current crop of television shows, movies, stand up specials and sports offerings.

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Instead, Netflix ponied up some serious coin, which only added to its credibility as being more of a "real" network rather than a specialty streaming entity.
Truthfully, Netflix has been trending in that direction for quite some time, so the addition of "Blacklist" may have seemed abnormal a few years ago. Today for Netflix, it's just another reason why its transforming into a realistic choice compared to the mega communications companies that currently offer traditional cable or satellite options.
Netflix already has started to trend toward being more than just a streaming service and actually began offering their own first run shows, including "Orange is the New Black" and "House of Cards." Both of those shows stack up against anything on television and arguably is just as good if not better than some of the more renowned and lauded shows.
Undoubtedly, Netflix isn't done shopping and buying up shows to stock its library. The growth of Netflix truly is a remarkable site and only will continue. That is a positive for not only the Netflix brand but also the consumer. Thanks to Netflix, customers now can honestly consider something beyond the high priced cable and sometimes unreliable satellite television. Netflix is inexpensive, but they act like they charge hundreds of dollars per month for their service.
And it is that moxie that makes Netflix a real player in the entertainment marketplace.

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