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Sun screened: Summer almost over but sun still very much an issue

As Labor Day weekend arrives, individuals and families most likely are planning or en route to a particular destination to have one last summertime swan song to perhaps enjoy the beach, warm weather and sunshine before Fall finds its way back.
One major miscalculation most travelers make is assuming that packing or buying sunscreen won't be necessary since August is about done, and September is standing by shortly. And with that the sunscreen is left out of the suitcase or travel bag, and the majority of people who adopt that policy end up in pain thanks to sunburn. Even the idea of packing clothing that protects you from the sun sounds implausible for the would be vacationer since this is their last chance to wear tank tops, shorts or a bathing suit.
So now what do you do, especially if you have a few days left on a vacation that initially showed such promise and now has transformed into a nightmare?
Truthfully, your best bet is finding a drug store and buying pure aloe vera cream to apply to the burned parts of your skin. The cream with soothe the burns, but you want to steer clear of is anything overly harsh from a product standpoint and most of that is anything but the aloe vera. Even if you are inclined to keep using facial scrubs, body washes or heavy duty perfumes as part of your daily beauty regimen, you would be wise to steer clear of those products at least until the burning lessens.
Perhaps you might want to implement a few old tricks to help with that sunburn, too. For instance, taking a cold shower (or at least a warm one) is going to serve to help with the burns, especially the one ones on the chest and back. Nothing makes sunburn look and feel worse than a hot shower.

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In addition to the cold shower, you might want to use ice packs or other cooling agents to help lower that redness and start letting your skin heel. Medication wise, aspirin can help with the sunburn as well; some experts agree that sunscreen is an extension of inflammation, which regular aspirin can help curb.
Naturally, staying out of the sun or being smarter with sunscreen could have rendered all of the aforementioned issue moot points. The key is not assuming the sun, heat, humidity and rays has set for the summertime season and that it won't be an issue once Labor Day comes and goes.

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