Top 3 signs you're about to break up

08/31/14 by Mike Catania

No one enjoys the idea of breaking up with your significant other, unless of course the relationship has reached the point of no return, and neither side can amicably or realistically make the union work at this point.
If you truly care about the relationship, however, you might want to pay close attention to what's happening before it reaches that point. Let's say you and your wife seem to be communicating less or leading separate lives after work or rarely make time for one another, even if there is spare time to be had.
Those things are the proverbial red flags that something has gone wrong and can easily be corrected if they're addressed immediately. Relationships can't last if both parties involved realize there is something wrong but either deny a problem or simply look the other way and assume that it will take care of itself.

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That mentality doesn't really translate when it comes to relationships, and the couples involved should take a more proactive approach to fix what is broken before it gets to the point that neither party wants any part of one another.
Others signs that your relationship is on the rocks:
1. You can't wait to get away from them: This one seems pretty obvious, but still shouldn't be considered lightly when you step back and take stock of your relationship. Everyone appreciates their alone time or the ability to spend time with the guys or girls, but if you find yourself looking for ways to spend even more time with your friends rather than your wife, husband, fiancee or partner, there's probably a reason behind it. Maybe you two have grown apart or realize after dating or years of marriage that you really don't have as much in common as you'd like to. In either case, you should take note and put a check mark on that issue to have it addressed.
2. Fighting, fighting and more fighting: Every couple argues; that's a given. But if you find yourself jawing with one another back and forth almost on a daily basis, something isn't right. Arguments typically are bread out of serious issues (money, family, lying, etc.) so if you two are bickering about buying the wrong milk or how much you dislike her friends or his family, it's time for a good, old fashioned Tony Soprano like sit down to figure out what went wrong and, more importantly, when.
3. Other people: As much as you're committed to your partner, your actions quite frankly will speak much louder than your words. And by that, you may try to convince yourself that you're not interested in talking or dating other people but that doesn't stop you from being at least a little flirtatious and actually contemplating dating someone else. As much as you try to quell those thoughts, if they're in your head chances are you'll act on them if you don't address how you're feeling with not only yourself but your significant other.

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