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Fit to be tried: Why the 'smart' shirt might be the next big thing

You've all heard of smart phones and smart watches. But what about a smart shirt?
Although that technology seems like something from another planet, that aforementioned shirt has arrived on planet earth, more specifically courtesy of Ralph Lauren.
The smart shirt is actually called the Polo Tech shirt, and it will be coming to the tennis circuit via the U.S. Open this year. Selected ball boys at the tournament will be wearing the the "smart" shirt, which has the ability to track everything from calories burned to number of steps, certainly the appropriate type of wear for ball boys at the U.S. Open who are going to be challenged to chase down plenty of tennis balls during the event.
The idea of a smart shirt might sound a little corny or campy when you consider wearing a shirt that tracks your biometrics could be a turn off for some who really don't want to know that information. Realistically, however, the fitness market, thanks to technology that is being used with the smart shirt, has changed from hardcore exercising to men and women actively trying to monitor something as simple as calories burned from steps taken throughout a random day. Several "fit bands" that you wear on your wrist have seen a spike in popularity, and you can't discount the number of smart phones being released that implement applications with fitness related statistics written all over them.
The thinking behind the smart shirt is the same, and could actually be poised to become another piece of technology that melds nicely with the belief that people care about fitness but do so in a passive way, like bands for their wrists and now shirt for their bodies.

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The look and design of the smart shirt also helps its cause immensely since it doesn't come across as a bulky, cumbersome top that seems more like something out of a science fiction movie. Instead, the smart shirt is quite intelligent in its appearance, and that fact won't be lost on the clientele that enjoys the features of the shirt but doesn't want to look like a robot in the process.
Initially, the smart shirt might be more of a niche product for a smaller demographic but like any sort of revolutionary or groundbreaking item that could change at a moment's notice. And to those who laughed or joked about the smart shirt sure are going to look like dummies if this Polo Tech shirt takes off.

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