Labor play: Why Labor Day possibilities are limitless for the masses

09/01/14 by Rennie Detore

Today is Labor Day and for most of you that means the third of a three day weekend but could also translate into not only an extra day off but perhaps the opportunity to enjoy a multitude of other activities that range from family gatherings to savvy shoppers in search of the best deals of the day.
Labor Day is one of those eclectic holidays that dabbles in plenty of different options but arguably one of the more noteworthy excursions on this day is to the malls and retail stores to find, not surprisingly, sale prices on anything from new cars to furniture.
Plenty of reputable stores across the country will be touting zero interest financing or 50% off closeouts on a number of different products, and the consumer certainly will respond accordingly on a day that should be reserved for relaxing and rest but rather could easily be spent driving from one store to another in search of savings.

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For those who aren't shopping, you may be in the midst of a vacation or getaway as part of Labor Day. Battling traffic or hitting the beach for one last time are Labor Day traditions, but so is being able to buy your next vacation at a fraction of the cost. Again, this plays into the sales aspect of the holiday but adept travelers know that various web sites come to play on Labor Day with their best deals of the year on flights, rental and hotel room rates, ironic of course since Labor Day typically signals the end of the travel season. That fact isn't lost on the industry staples that depend on visitors and travelers for their revenue, thus the impetus to start buying your next trip or vacation before the current one concludes.
Those of you who choose to spend Labor Day at home relaxing shouldn't be made to feel bad about that choice, either. Perhaps that relaxation also includes time well spent with the family since you're working most of the time or having a few friends, neighbors, relatives or co workers over for an impromptu barbeque to say so long to summer and embrace the aroma that is outdoor grilling as summer comes to a close.
And then of course, Labor Day also has its fair share of people who work on this day. Someone has to man the cash registers or sell those aforementioned cars but Labor Day signifies other types of working, too. Some choose to work around the house and finish that last little bit of painting or renovating, or perhaps a little spring cleaning a little later than expected. If your job allows you to get work done from home, you can always get a jump start on Tuesday morning to make that transition back to work that much easier.
No matter how you spend your Labor Day, the important element of the day is that you choose whatever moves you at the moment and that you are enjoying your time off on your terms.

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