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Weak stream: Choosing right streaming player can be daunting task

Streaming entertainment is all the rage, so it would only make sense to find a player that at the very least serves its purpose but does far more to fit the bill as the best option in this category.
What makes things difficult for consumers are the major players in this marketplace, not because they're not competent but rather they're all worthwhile competitors and choices for customers.
For the money, Google Chromecast would easily trump the rest of the field with a price point of less than $40, a one time fee for the device that plugs directly into your smart television. Google Chromecast allows you to stream Netflix, You Tube and other applications directly from your tablet or smart phone.
The only downside to Google Chromecast is the application selection is sparse. You'd hope that Google Chromecast would begin positioning itself in a better light and start getting more apps, which is its major shortcoming.
Leading the pack is a toss up between Apple TV and Roku, with the edge going to the latter in this showdown. Apple, of course, comes with all the branding and boasting that most electronic products receive when they carry that particular name.

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But like most Apple products, Apple TV keeps most of what it does in the family and if you're not interested in doing all things Apple related (like have your streaming player controlled exclusively by iTunes as far as content goes), you might not be quite as inclined to choose Apple TV as your streamer of choice. The price is reasonable but doesn't compare to Google Chromecast.
Roku edges the pack in most categories being that it has so many options to choose from as far as products are concerned. Roku also has more apps available in its library and also has everything from the streaming stick to a full scale television top box (like Apple TV). Because Roku also is modestly priced yet extremely effective, it's hard to pass up this as the frontrunner versus the rest of the pack.
All of the streaming players, like any product of that ilk, are filled with good points and bad ones. That being said they're all superb options and should be chosen based on merit and what appeals most to you, whether that is cost, performance or anything in between.

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