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Box office bust: Why summer movie attendance was way down

Experts will opine, study and debate why the summer movie attendance didn't move the proverbial needle much, whether the topic centers on the quality of movies, lack of appeal or stars who once had plenty of power starting to wane in terms of popularity.
The list of 2014 movies that came and went from Memorial Day through Labor Day quite frankly didn't seem all that appealing aside from a few that caught our attention this summer. The surprise hit "Guardians of the Galaxy" led the way along with a few movies that probably should have just come and gone but showed some serious staying power, including the breakout hit "Fault in Our Stars." The rebirth and resurgence of the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" and "Transformers" franchise certainly can't be overlooked, either.
Aside from those hits and surprises, most of the summer felt uneventful from a movie standpoint. In some cases, the summer movies reaffirmed that some movie stars are just that, while others are starting to see their box office draw continue to slip.
Tom Cruise, the name and the legacy that is a laundry list of loveable, quality movies, always will garner attention but he hasn't delivered the kind of bankable revenue that he once did. His "Edge of Tomorrow" this summer didn't do well domestically, furthering the fact that Cruise can't cruise on his name value alone. Naturally, the movie did fine overseas, but movie studios might be less inclined to search out Cruise with every box office return that is rendered weak.
On the flip side of Cruise is Angelina Jolie, who did extremely well with "Maleficent" to the tune of nearly a billion dollars, further cementing her status as one of the best actors of her generation. Having the Disney name and moniker behind her didn't hurt the chances of "Maleficent," either.

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Although the stars, writers and director of "22 Jump Street" didn't have Disney backing their efforts, the movie not surprisingly did well backed by the hugely successful original. Sequels tend to do fairly well if they're released timely between movies, unlike the "Sin City" sequel, which bombed and arguably came out too late after the first film.
No matter how you slice the good and the bad of the summer movies, fans weren't necessarily enamored with the choices. Critics actually are looking more forward to the movies coming out in the Fall, the time of year Oscar contenders emerge. Summer is about fun, blockbuster movies, but this year was far short of expectations.

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