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Clean billed: After holiday splurging, detoxing is next on agenda

A long holiday weekend provides you plenty of reasons to get excited.
An extra day off.
Perhaps some time to do a few things around the house or even get caught up on some work so that Tuesday morning isn't so hectic.
And, of course, you can't overlook the family gatherings, which signal not only a chance to get together but also enjoy a plethora of plates that tempt and tantalize your palate. Unfortunately for the health conscious crowd, what's being served isn't always the healthiest options.
From hamburgers made from less than stellar ground beef to hot dogs made from who knows what, holidays often are packed full of less than enviable fare in the form of food or succulent desserts that aren't going to do your waistline any favors.

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That's why the day following the holiday or three day weekend you'll see two very distinct things start to happen. For starters, you local gym or health club is going to see its attendance soar with those who are feeling guilty about what they had only a day or so ago.
In addition to the gyms overflowing with members, you might want to consider hitting the reset button from a food standpoint with a good, old fashioned detox. The word "detox" might carry with it some crazy connotative meetings, given how the word is used to describe fad diets or short term fixes that are nothing short of scary and ridiculous.
The average person should view detoxing as nothing more than spending a few days eating cleanly. That means switching gears for three days and eating foods that are colorful, whether you're talking about bright orange carrots, beautiful blueberries or rich, lustrous raspberries. Any and all vibrant looking fruits should be part of your three day detox plan, whether you want to snack on them raw or toss everything into a juicer or blender for that smoothie that will satisfy your detox for the entire day.
No matter if you choose more fruits than vegetables or vice versa, you want to make sure you go organic as much as possible but also add garlic to your meals as well. Garlic is designed specifically to wart off toxins in the body.
As far as the meat and potatoes of your meals, you should keep the proteins lean and the sugars and carbohydrates to a minimum. And as far as your drinks are concerned, you should keep it simple and drink as much water as possible.
Eating this way only is temporary for a few days until you start feeling a little better, refreshed and are far enough removed from the few hot dogs or mounds potato salad you ingested.

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