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Fame throwers: Popularity of social media isn't hard to figure out

From Facebook to Twitter and all social media sites in between, the popularity of this communication medium continues to soar as anyone with access to the internet and a tablet, laptop, computer or smart phone can make their opinion known, even if no one really seems to care either way.
But that truly is the remarkable element of social media: just about anyone can voice a thought, concern or make a stance about an issue even if they have little to no credibility, expertise or, quite frankly, knowledge of the subject being discussed.
On the opposite end of the social media spectrum is the communicator who believes the inane, inconsequential happenings of his daily routine and life in general are fodder for cute, campy one liners or general affability to a non existent audience.
Thinking that even your friends, family or co workers care about photos of your baby's first potty training experience or an empty bowl of corn flakes that states "just finished breakfast, off to work" shows exactly what social media has become: a reason to boost your ego and feel as though you're more important than you really are.
That self importance sickens the masses who actually consider your a "friend" or "follower," simply because you're marketing yourself as either a twit who cares about the dumbest possible aspects of your life or picks and chooses what they post online to establish some sort of character or voice that isn't truly who you are all day, every day.

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Simply put, social media should encompass who you are, what you do but only for the select excursions or events that mean something universally appealing. Concerts, sporting events and happenings of that ilk have a place in your feed or posts because they don't happen every day.
Also acceptable are pictures of first days of school, inspirational pictures or quotes or even a vacation picture or two. The key is having the wherewithal to temper your uploading urge to post every single beach picture you took to really drive home the point that you were on vacation. Yes, we get it; you're at the beach. Stop with the sand pictures, already.
As for the dealings that you experience that would fall under the category of problem certainly have a place in social media as well but as long as it is something simple and highly impersonal, like if you're having a computer problem or need advice on picking a new dentist.
Steering clear of incredibly personal issues is wise as is exercising some common sense, such as bashing your boss or telling the world you skipped work today because Madden 2015 just arrived and you're starting a very important season mode with your favorite team.
For those who use social media to feel better about themselves or tout how much they make or the things they own to the point of ad nauseam, then they don't understand the point of posting and sharing. And those groups garner the kind of attention that encompasses the frustration and foolishness that is social media.

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