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Wage discrimination: Should minimum wage get increased?

The back and forth banter centering on the debate on whether minimum wage should be increased hasn't showed signs of waning. If anything, the topic gains steam from one day to the next.
For those who are playing catch up, here's what we know: The current minimum wage is $7.25 per hour. The proposed rate federal rate would push that number up to $10.10 per hour, a significant raise but one that some feel is largely overdue.
That sector is arguing that cost of living isn't reflected in the current minimum wage hourly rate, thus making that incredibly tough to live on from one day to the next. The opposite end of the spectrum states that having to suddenly pay workers more money in one fell swoop could lead to businesses, small ones especially, struggling to make payroll.
Regardless of what side you stand on when it comes to minimum wage, you can't argue the point that some workers who make $7.25 per hour work hard enough to justify a pay increase. The first line of work that comes to mind centers on the service industry, particularly the waiters and waitresses, most of who make less than $7.25 per hour, not factoring in tips of course.
There's undoubtedly plenty of other jobs that fall into that category as well, but the one hanging point is what to do with the workers and employees that already made $10 or so per hour. How exactly do they figure into this plan or equation?

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The idea behind wages is that they're scaled based on the level of work being done, experience and other factors. If the $7.25 per hour job gets a pay bump by three dollars, then wouldn't it stand that the $10 per hour job also get raised as well?
Of all the minimum wage chatter, has this point been discussed or thought about at all? That's the one issue that needs addressed: escalation. You can't argue that point, especially if you're the person who falls into the $10 per hour rate at the moment; having the $7.25 pull even with you is going to make you second guess how you got to the $10 rate initially and why you shouldn't be at $13 or so if the change goes into effect.
Truthfully, the minimum wage talk still is volatile but the chances of it getting passed is relatively slim. That doesn't mean there isn't merit to what's being mentioned but it would appear that the entire scope of the change wasn't completely thought through to usher in the pay adjustment.

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