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Beauty Schooled: Why Tria Beauty sets the beauty bar remarkably high

You've all heard the expression that "beauty is in the eye of the beholder," right? That phrase informs those who judge beauty to do so based on their own feelings, beliefs and perspective, and that not everyone has the same definition of what beauty truly is.
For the majority, beauty is feeling your best and looking just as young and vibrant regardless of your age. That sentiment doesn't come from a place of ego, self indulgence or vanity but rather the notion that wellness embodies eating right, exercising and talking care of your skin to showcase that the fountain of youth isn't about dipping your toes but rather going all in to exude a presence every time you enter the room that age truly is just a number.
Tria was founded on the idea that professional results should be available at home but at a price that isn't necessarily out of reach for the general public. Tria delivers the best of both worlds: they're the only company that gives customers professional technology in their home with every single product they introduce or maintain.
Those products allow customers to keep skin clear, smooth and stop aging in its tracks.
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In short, Tria specializes in light based skin care. This treatment method is something Tria has been perfecting for quite some time but more importantly allows customers to forgo doctor's offices or costly treatment centers in exchange for having that type of service and subsequent results in the convenience of their own home.
"The scientist who started our company invented the LightSheer laser, which is the gold standard in in office laser hair removal," said Lauren Henderson, Director of Public Relations for Tria. "After they developed that technology, they decided to take that technology and give people the opportunity to access that technology in their private home. The company was launched based on the idea of bringing professional laser hair removal technology into the home."
Here's essentially how the Tria Hair Removal Laser works: the laser is attracted to pigment in the hair, which heats up the hair follicle to disable it. Hair follicles that have been disabled won't regrow hair.
The Age Defying Laser treats multiple signs of aging by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin. It works beneath the skin, treating a fraction of the skin with each treatment.
"We launched the Hair Removal Laser first, then with the blue light for treating acne," Henderson adds. "The acne blue light has been used in dermatology offices for a long time. It eliminates acne causing bacteria to clear existing blemishes and help prevent future breakouts."
Plenty of adults who struggle with adult acne that they can't seem to get rid of or parents in search of finding something to help their kids undoubtedly will take notice of the blue light technology Tria has perfected.
The technology specifics notwithstanding, the results and what Tria has been able to do is nothing short of stunning. They've managed to create a line of at home products for laser hair removal, anti aging and an acne clearing blue light that puts the power of your skin care in your hands, rather than waiting for an appointment or shelling out more money than you'd like to every time you need something of that ilk done.
"It was expensive," Henderson admits regarding professional laser treatment. "You had to go into the doctor's office, and treatments are hundreds or thousands of dollars for one treatment, and you needed multiple treatments."
Being able to have access to laser technology at home for the general public is invaluable, particularly since the Tria product line is reasonable from a price standpoint and remarkable for how well it works. What really resonates with the core clientele is the idea that your busy life, unstoppable schedule and constant struggle to find time or leave the house once you get home no longer is an issue.
"The advantage depends on your lifestyle," Henderson says. "There aren't a lot of people for hair removal, for example, who can leave the office for an hour and get a treatment. They have kids, no time but at 9 or 10 at night, you can use Tria and not spend thousands on laser hair removal."
The interest in Tria is twofold in that consumers want professional level treatments at home but can't afford or don't have the time for them.
Tria solves those issues on the spot.
Tria capitalized on the need for this type of service for within the home. Just because the market had a need for at home laser hair removal, anti aging or acne treatment didn't necessarily mean Tria could sleep walk through the development, implementation, marketing and sales of any of their products.
What Tria did was set themselves apart as the front runner and standard bearer in this particular industry by not only being the only at laser on the market for at home hair removal on the market but developing products that are highly effective and easy to use.
Even with the track record and success Tria has experienced both professionally and in the form of customer reviews and testimonials, some doubters certainly will abound, particularly when you talk about topics like anti aging or hair removal.
The reason?
So many products claim to do both but either rarely deliver if at all or aren't the most enjoyable or easy treatments to do. Ironically, you could say some other products that aren't Tria have given the anti aging, hair removal or acne removal and prevention industry a black eye.
To that, Tria stands firm on what they do.
"I would say laser hair removal is the most preferred way to remove hair and to get permanent results. Nine out of 10 dermatologists recommend lasers for permanent results. I would encourage those who are skeptical to try our technology. We offer a 90 day Money Back Guarantee so they can try risk free. We are confident they will love the results," Henderson says.
Like any product of this nature, adept customers and savvy consumers alike are going to do their research before they buy anything. What they'll find with Tria is a competent, reliable and results oriented company that delivers as promised, something sorely missed with most companies that deal in anti aging, acne or hair removal.
"We have pretty high levels of success across the board. The Age Defying Laser is a game changer," Henderson says. "It really is something; the anti aging market is huge. The idea that someone can go above and beyond traditional skin care is amazing."
Henderson adds, "We've heard a lot a ton of life changing stories; results just from their skin they've never seen before with creams. Aging is very emotional; they're reacting strongly. When you find something that does work, it is a huge relief."
"And amazing."

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