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Home slim: Why exercising at home is just as efficient as gym

Ask any membership consultant at a health club or personal trainer that owns their own workout space, and they'll argue that the only way you're going to get in shape is by joining a gym or working out with a trainer, respectively.
While those avenues prove potent for some, they're just not realistic to others, particularly anyone who doesn't work a traditional schedule and whose life is anything but routine. Between work, school, kids, husbands, wives, partners and after school activities, you're spread pretty thin already so the idea of coming home, whipping up dinner and changing into workout clothes to sprint to the neighborhood gym seems fairly unrealistic.
So when the idea of working out at home is contemplated, you're all ears. But then you ask yourself some very important questions before heading down that path.
Are you going to stay motivated?
Can you really see results from just a few poses, moves or exercises as home?

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If you can't answer the first question with a "yes," then perhaps you should think about finding a gym buddy or hiring a trainer to help mold your vision of what you should look like, because working out at home might lead to more catching up on your DVR television shows or grabbing a quick nap after a long day, rather than actual exercise.
Provided working out at home is feasible for you, then you shouldn't dismiss it as lame or uneventful when it comes to getting results. Only a few key moves need to be implemented into your would be, at home workout to truly get from point A to point B as far as overall wellness, weight loss or anything else you're shooting for as far as goals are concerned.
Your two at home exercise pillars are the sit up and push up, working that always stubborn fat carrier that is your core and building a strong chest and upper body, respectively. Doing three sets of 10-15 repetitions of each of these is a tremendous building block to get lean and drop weight. Although some might not consider this an at home exercise, any type of cardio in and around your neighborhood, including brisk walks, strolls, running or bike riding, also is just as potent as pedaling on a bike in the gym or running on a stationary treadmill.
Often overlooked at home or dismissed as being too low key is Yoga. Truthfully, Yoga poses can be taxing on the muscles in a good way and build that long, lean frame you want. Pair a Yoga session with a few cardio based, body weight moves like holding a plank for 20 seconds, three different times or a few "Burpees," a move that has you standing straight up and down, dropping into a crouch position, kicking your legs out and holding a push up position, then working your way back to a standing position by doing those moves backward in one fell swoop.
Those who argue that working out at home isn't for the serious weight lifter or exerciser simply discount what can be realistically accomplished in your garage, basement or family room. They want you to believe that exercise has to be overly intense or monitored accordingly but that isn't always the case.

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