CV Less: Why less is more for the convenient store

09/04/14 by Krystin Olinski

Say hello to the new face of drug stores forever. At least that is what the CVS brand is hoping for with its latest pledge toward health and wellness.
CVS, also known as CVS Caremark, is about to lose roughly two billion dollars annually. In turn, they're gaining a new name and a lot of respect.
CVS Caremark is switching its name to CVS Health, a change that isn't so much for marketing purposes as it is a reflection of a new mentality from the brand. CVS Health is cleaning house, and the name change is only the tip of the iceberg.

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CVS Health is stopping sales of tobacco and instead has opted to take a more proactive approach to help people quit smoking rather than perpetuate the existence of this habit. Gone are cigarettes and in their place is everything nicotine gum and anything else that will help with kicking smoking for good.
CVS also is playing catch up of sorts to other convenient stores of the same ilk by moving in the direction of offering in store preventative services like flu shots and vaccines that aren't yet staples at the now christened CVS Health.
Whether you look at the CVS rebirth of sorts as more publicity stunt or actual heartfelt notion, it's hard to argue that CVS is simply going through the motions. They've changed their names and taken a huge revenue hit by saying so long to tobacco products.
Other convenient stores like one that are similar to CVS Health promote themselves as health conscious but haven't quite made the same statement that CVS is. The idea of stopping the sale of tobacco products is rather insane when you consider how that might affect any store, particularly ones like CVS or others such as Walgreens, Rite Aid and others.
Kudos to CVS for doing something that is not only going to hurt their bottom line but make the kind of statement that is going to set the standard for these big box convenient drug stores moving forward. There's no guarantee that other similar brands and companies are going to follow the lead of the new CVS Health, but at the very least this is a true example of an organization trying hard and working diligently to live up to their namesake.

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