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Paint slob: Small spaces often create havoc when painting

For anyone who has bought their first "starter" home and might not be thrilled with the color scheme in the bedroom, the first inclination is to buy now and paint later.
Painting truly is the great equalizer when it comes to loving or hating a particular room in the house namely the spaces that are small.
The bedroom, in this instance comes to mind.
The goal for tiny spaces and bedrooms specifically is to make the room look bigger first and foremost. The first reaction is to make any and everything in the room white or the lightest color possible. White might be a bit of an overstatement for the entire room. Rather than make your bedroom look more like an asylum, you might want to take this chance to pick a color that is a happy medium between pure white and black.
With small rooms, you want to avoid dark colors like blue, black and green to name a few, but there's nothing wrong with infusing a little color with a lighter blue, perhaps a yellow or even a beige or tan color.

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If you're content on putting a little white in the room and can't get off that notion, no problem. Save that superb color for the baseboard, trim or even the crown molding. And don't forget about that space around your windows, that's a prime spot for white.
While you're in the midst of finding the right color, you also want to take into consideration the paint you're buying and opting to spend a little more for your at home project. Far too often, the do it yourself crowd takes liberties with not only the equipment they buy but also assuming that all paint for your small space is created equal. The key to making a small room pop with big results is the right color but also the right paint, which isn't the cheaper version of what you really want.
Often small spaces are looked at as the kiss of death in terms of color schemes and how they can make that room in the house one you want to avoid. It doesn't have to be the case if you consider that space more of an open canvas rather than a room that isn't worth your time and especially the effort.

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