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Store thought: Designing your own diamond makes ring shopping remarkable

Anyone who has ever purchased an engagement ring knows just how cathartic the moment is when you actually are walking through the jewelry store or browsing online with the intent to buy.
Plenty of thoughts race through your mind as this cathartic experience purges plenty of varying emotions: jubilation, concentration and fear certainly come to mind, particularly if you're buying online.
The dilemma for the buyer in this situation is that the engagement ring purchase carries with its plenty of posterity and weight, which is why most struggle with the idea of buying something so important online with only a picture and description as their points of information. The flip side to this struggle is most of the best pricing you get is of the online ilk.
Finding a ring online and buying it isn't always the smoothest transition as what you see isn't always what you get. When the ring arrives in the store and you don't like it, you have to start over and still potentially be on the hook for it.
To complicate matters perhaps even more is that some buyers like the freedom to design their own ring since their would be fiance has specific taste and ideas about their ring will look like down to the last diamond stone.

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That combination of conveniences seems almost unattainable but one company strives to give customers exactly what they want when it comes to an engagement ring and the entire process involved.
Be it price, convenience and worry free shopping, few offer what Ritani does as far as online shopping goes. What sets Ritani apart from the rest of the engagement ring world is the web site itself allows you to design your own ring, have it carefully crafted by exquisite, talented jewelers and then shipped to a store near your home for pickup.
Sounds pretty standard, right?
But consider that Ritani wants you to be expertly and completely satisfied so they allow you to preview the ring and make the determination if you want to take it home or, as they put it, "walk away" from the entire purchase.
Chances are most customers don't feel the need or have the inclination to walk away from the purchase altogether given the quality Ritani exhibits, but having the peace of mind knowing that you have that kind of flexibility makes the process not quite as taxing as it typically is.
You can't argue that buying the engagement ring is a monumental decision but that doesn't mean you need the added stress if your first try at the buy isn't the perfect one.

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