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Phab ulous: Are larger cell phones really the answer to tablet tanking?

Can you tell the difference between a cell phone and a tablet? Not likely, these days.
First, cell phones were terribly large.
Then, they got small, flipped open and the transformed into flat phones we dubbed "smart."
And just when things seemed like they were in place to remain constant for years to come, the arrival of tablets tossed the cell phone market on its ear. Tablets became the hot item as a rival to bulky computers and laptops, but sales of tablets have stalled recently but the mobile marketplace has decided to take the best of what the smart phone offers and the size, clarity and versatility of the tablet and merged them into the latest, greatest piece of technology.
Say hello to the Phablet, larger than life phones that harken back to the 1980s from a size standpoint but truly are stunning to see and use, particularly the latter. The clever "Phablet" phrase aside, these cell phones are huge and basically do what tablets can, plus of course you can use them to make calls, too.

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You remember cell phones are good for calling, right?
With sales of tablet started to take a turn for the worse, cell phone companies are trying to interject some life into sales by substantiating and perpetuating the trend of cell phones getting larger. Now, consumers are putting phones up to their ears that are the size of a legal pad but the genius behind cell phones going bigger is the amount of profit versus that of the tablets.
Most industry insiders agree that tablets don't give companies the type of margin that they can get from cell phones, thus the push to make cell phones more popular and universally purchased, rather than focus energy on the tablet market to make it work again.
The writing perhaps is already on the wall for tablets in general as most are starting to either get ignored or are being replaced by the larger cell phones or even laptops that double as tablets with detachable keyboards. Creating cell phones that are almost as big as tablets not only render tablets moot but give everyone part of the process what they want.
Consumers want phones that are large enough to watch movies on, but aren't interested in getting a tablet and a cell phone. So why not merge them together? For the companies that make the cell phones, they're reaping higher returns on their investment and whatever they continue to cell in the way of tablets is just the proverbial icing on the cake.
Apple and Samsung are the two most prodigious brands in this marketplace, and they've both moved in the direction of phablets, so there seems to be no looking back when it comes to cell phones and their size.
Perhaps the marketplace will change in another decade or so and we'll have cell phones that once again fit in the palm of our hands. But for now, bigger is not only better but has become the industry standard for cell phones.

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