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Food intentions: Want to ignite your restaurant revenue? Write better

Anyone with thoughts of opening up a restaurants most likely is going to brush up on a number of skills, mainly cooking, hiring, managing and overall leadership. All of those center on the one aspect of the restaurant business that matters most: making money.
Like any new venture, the idea behind doing something like opening a business is managing cost so that making money within the first few years is realistic, if not the standard. The restaurant business is rather unique given that you'll need the aptitude and penchant to manage food costs, menu pricing, along with wages, rent and utilities.
Food is quite the variable when it comes to being a product you can make money on, given that you'll undoubtedly face crazy competition in that venue along with one bad review or meal from a consumer can turn your restaurant into a stop no one is wanting to make.
The real key to spurring success in the restaurant business is pushing hungry customers toward meals that are more upscale and expensive, but still the type of fare that doesn't boast a small profit margin. Simply put, you want to spend the same on the food but have the more expensive dishes flying off the shelves so your profit is better.
How does a budding restaurateur accomplish that goal?

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Hire a writer.
That's right, a lot of what makes or breaks your menu as it stands is the ability to make everything expensive sound equally scrumptious. Have you ever taken notice of a really well written menu and wanted to essentially gobble up just about everything you saw? Sizzling adjectives and rhetoric perfectly compliment the food itself but also tend to push customers toward the dishes restaurants want to sell most.
If you're still not sold on the importance of words as it relates to sales, use this as an example. Would you rather eat "grilled chicken" or perhaps something that sounds more like this fresh, pan seared chicken smothered in a lemon wine butter sauce and sautéed to perfection."
The second set of menu phrasing can't be ignored in terms not only how it sounds but specifically getting customers to take notice of the item and ultimately ordering it. Not to suggest that restaurants pick and choose their words for only a few dishes but most higher priced items tend to get a little more special attention from the person responsible for making the menus.

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