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Swinging Like A Champ: Vine Lets You Vent Via Video

Vine doesn't need 15 seconds of fame. In fact, they only need six.
So what exactly is the purpose of Vine?
Vine is a Twitter creation and one that has taken social media and networking by storm. Vine simply allows users to create a profile and post videos that are six seconds in length, for when a simple "tweet" that includes words and pictures simply won't do.
For the most part, the main objective of Vine is to entertain. Vine users range from the normal, average every-day Joe to celebrities who simply can't help themselves. Vine also allows you to cut, splice and edit like you're Steven Spielberg if "Jaws" was only a six-second shark attack.
The overwhelming popularity of Vine breeds both an increase in users but also plenty of follow-up applications that are similar, such as Instavideo from Instagram. Instavideo isn't six but rather 20 seconds in length as far as videos are concerned. Tout is another program that mirrors that of Vine and Instavideo.

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In addition to being a source of entertainment, the purpose of Vine is two-fold. Much like other social media and networking outfits like Facebook and Twitter, those who incorporate a steady dose of Vine videos into their daily regimen may have designs on becoming a budding superstar or the next celebrity found within the confines of social media.
Justin Bieber became a star via You Tube, so why can't the same "lightning in a bottle" approach work well with Vine? This may sound a bit absurd but truth be told that thought floats from the back to the front of your mind from time to time.
Those who fall into the already-famous category love Vine, much the same way they love Twitter. Savvy social media connoisseurs use this breakthrough technology for promotional and marketing purposes. Vine is especially potent thanks to its brevity. The attention span is short, dwindling with each passing year and thus the notion of grabbing a pair of eyes or ears with a long-winded speech or useless rhetoric is passe.
More recent, actors and musicians use Vine as a funny, quirky means to talk to fans around the world about an upcoming movie or album release. Thanks to Vine being video-based, the message can come directly from the celebrity via the spoken word, as opposed to just a message that could or couldn't be drummed up by one of many public relations experts or spokespersons.
It's easy to dismiss Vine and other video-based applications as technology with little or no staying power. But Vine continues to grow as days, weeks and months pass and shows no signs of slowing.
Simply put, short videos don't equal a short-term stay for Vine.

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