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Flying high: How to save money on airline traveling

Anyone who has spent any time in the air knows that finding a flight isn't the hard part but rather finding a flight that would be deemed a good value.
Plenty of savvy travelers know that the key to saving money on a flight starts with the bevy of web sites that match prices so that you're getting the best deal available.
And that means plenty for consumers content on finding the best price in a market that has seen costs soar in recent years.
Despite sites like Orbitz.com or Cheapflights.com, prices for plane tickets have seen significant increases recently, so finding a sticker price that isn't shocking when it comes to flying is paramount.
The aforementioned sites often make a world of difference as they'll allow you to shop around and see the best rates without spending too much time either shopping directly with the airlines or going from one web site to another without much luck.

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Your best bet is finding a web site, such as Cheap Flights, that gives you the rates of airlines so you can price match on the spot.
But there is never a guarantee that the price you see is the one you'll always pay.
Paying close attention to fees for everything from bags to just tax on the ticket can surprise you to the point that you'll be spending far beyond what you expect.
Travel industry experts also will tell you that flying at a certain time of the week or month makes all the difference. Weekend travel easily tops the list of the most expensive flights, while mid week is the cheapest. Those in the know or travel extensively make it a point to sign up for any type of email or text alerts so they know before anyone else when the promotions occur.
Ironically, some fees are worth paying for particularly if you're interested in getting a much needed refund in a pinch. Most airlines or sites like Orbitz will allow you to spend between $15-20 per ticket to refund literally hours before the flight if something comes up that you're not expecting. Let's say you're traveling for medical reasons and your health doesn't cooperate at the 25th hour before the flight leaves. It's nice to have that peace of mind when you're about to buy your ticket.
Something else that puts you at ease is knowing the ins and outs of flying, more specifically buying a ticket that isn't going to take forever or put you in a position to spend more than you actually intended to going into the process.

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