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Photo bombed: Why parents make plenty of mistakes photographing kids

You'd be hard pressed to find a parent that doesn't covet and take extra precaution when it comes to their kids as it relates to their photos and the act of getting pictures taken.
The hard part for moms and dads isn't the want or need to have pristine pictures but rather exactly how to go about getting those remarkable prints and picturesque shots.
Some parents opt to take the pictures themselves, which is a cost saving move undoubtedly but certainly feasible given the quality of digital cameras and even the high end smart phones that boast equally amazing and intelligent cameras of their own.
As much as technology has come a long way, that isn't going to help or do you any favors as far as keeping babies and toddlers tame while you're trying to snap that photo.
Far too many parents take on the role of perfectionist when you are shooting photos worthy enough of being framed and displayed across your home, in your office or even for those people who still tote around pictures in their wallets.

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One trick to quell your concerns about snapping photos is to stop worrying so much about posing your kids but rather capture action shots or just kids being kids. Kids love to play, so why not stand by and watch them do what they do well and subsequently enjoy. The smiles in those pictures are genuine, adorable and seem to come naturally to kids, rather than trying to put them in a certain pose or keep their attention for an entire would be photo shoot.
Babies aren't exactly in that same category since they're probably not going to be running or jumping, so patience and posing is a necessity. That said, you still can watch your baby and wait for them to make a cute face, smile or do something worth remembering with a photo. Sure, you can put them in a particular outfit but the key is understanding that this isn't going to be a 10 minute endeavor but rather something that could take all day.
In addition, you can't be the type of photographer that isn't afraid to snap a slew of pictures quickly. If you're not quick enough on the proverbial "trigger finger" and keep waiting for the next great pose or moment, you're not going to have much to show for it at the end of the shoot.
Parents who double as amateur photographers should take solace in the fact that even professionals struggle when it comes to baby and toddlers. Kids don't always cooperate or necessarily want to be there, but parents should acknowledge that going into this activity and adhere their photographs to the kids, and leave their concerns for the ideal atmosphere at the door.

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