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Classic sendoff: iPod finally says so long but what a ride

Five years ago, you would be hard pressed to find a person who wasn't toting around an iPod, particular the dubbed "classic." Fast forward to present day, and the iPod Classic is more relic than revered.
That isn't to suggest that the iPod Classic didn't have a remarkable run on top of the MP3 player marketplace. This was the MP3 player to not that long ago and was largely considered groundbreaking for its time, but Apple no longer will be making this version of the iPod, the one with the iconic, circular click wheel and built with enough space to hold 20,000 songs on one unit.
The decline of this iPod isn't surprising on a number of fronts.
The arrival of streaming music sites that charge a monthly fee is more popular than actually downloading music. Sites like Pandora or Spotify take the guess work out of purchasing singles or entire albums and instead allow you to stream songs for a flat fee per month ($10 for Spotify; Pandora also has a free version, but you don't have the kind of control over the songs you do with Spotify).
Apple also created a newer, more savvy and desirable iPod with its "Touch" line to choose from, which looked more modern and was easier to use.

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And, of course, you can't discount the notion that the iPhone and other smart phones with similar capabilities as the iPod cannibalized sales of the latter device, thus rendering what was once a must have piece of technology into a heavy, cumbersome and outdated product.
Despite the slow and steady fall of grace, the iPod Classic deserves to be remembered for what it was, a groundbreaking device when the late Steve Jobs held it up and clicked the wheel to the right for the very first time, rather than an archaic music player that no one really needs to own anymore. Apple is going to continue with the iPod Touch model, but you have to wonder if that isn't next on the chopping block in Silicon Valley.
As for the iPod Classic, the name suits this item now. When you consider what the word "classic" means, the iPod that carries the same name fits that mold nicely. The iPod Classic is unforgettable, timeless and heavily lauded for setting the tone for music devices to follow in their footsteps.
On second thought, forget about footsteps, the iPod Classic for its day and age left the competition in the dust, and hopefully its legacy will be remembered as such.

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