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Cancellation policy: Why threatening to say goodbye to cable is ticket to better pricing

What is your best defense against a high cable bill?
Anyone who has suffered through writing out that monthly check to the cable company or begrudgingly turned on the computer and paid that bill online knows that as much as you love cable television and the subsequent enjoyment, paying that huge amount every month is hardly fun.
Some cable bills can tip the scales at $200, which means you're paying more than $2,400 per year for your favorite television shows, movies and internet access.
But there will come a time when you toss aside your love of the cinema and start wondering if it is really worth your money to dish out that much cash on a monthly and yearly basis. The trouble is you love your television and internet and really don't want to get rid of it.
So now what?

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The answer is simple: call the cable company and start negotiating.
Too few customers of cable companies don't at least broach the subject with the likes of Comcast or Verizon as far as telling them they're going to cancel because the bill is too high. Anyone who has gone down this road knows the cable company has a few tricks up their sleeve that they're not willing to share with the masses.
Call it an unadvertised sale or special buy for exclusive customers, friends or family, but in actuality it simply is the cable company keeping its customer retention and loyalty line open but not highly marketed or publicized.
What this little division of the cable company can do is troubleshoot your anger about a high bill or poor service and begin offering various perks or freebies that the rest of the sales department doesn't necessarily have access to all day, every day.
The reason why long time customers have a legitimate gripe about cable and the pricing is that most packages are put together with the new customer in mind, but forget totally about the current crop of consumers that have been loyally paying for years.
So telling the cable company that you're leaving means you'll likely get a lower price, free channels or perhaps an extra one or two DVR boxes for the upstairs bedrooms. And chances are that will be enough for you and the cable company to put aside your differences, make peace and stay together for years to come.
And to think, all the relationship needed was opening the lines of communication on the customer's end.

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